Binary Robot 365 Review

Binary Robot 365 is yet another addition to the growing trend of auto trading, which is becoming increasingly popular in the world of binary options – the same way it became famous in Forex about a decade ago. The main reason for growing use of automated binary trading is that robots are capable of trading round the clock which means wider exposure to the financial markets and consequently more profitability. In this review, we are going to take a look at Binary Robot 365. In our view, this is the best among all binary options robots we have reviewed so far.

Is Binary Robot 365 Really A Scam?

First of all, we would like to make it very clear that it is not a scam at all. We don’t urge you to believe our words, neither you should assume to do so. We try our level best to only review legit robots at and this is the reason we choose Binary Robot 365. We would be disclosing evidence we found to believe that Binary Robot 365 is a genuine robot that one can trust for sure, in a while.

The main reason that triggers the rationale of considering Binary Robot 365 a worthwhile product is that traders can find a range of options for building their own binary options strategies to trade based on algorithms and indicators to help you build advanced trading strategies, unlike other robots. Whilst this binary option robot has been tested and optimised extensively by its developers via both back testing and trading with real funds in live conditions.

We have found this binary robot easy to use because of its very user-friendly interface, which makes using this binary robot easier than the average binary robot but most importantly the software allows you to use several different tools to help develop your own trading strategies, this is important since everyone has their own risk tolerance and style of trading will be dependent on which time frames you’d like to develop your strategy for and also if you understand the underlying market and what is likely to happen during news events or when news will likely affect movements with different instruments/markets during that period.

In addition, Binary Robot 365 can also be used to develop custom strategies. The software provides traders all necessary tools to develop their own automated trading strategies. Binary Robot 365 provides seven widely used technical indicators for this purpose; the indicators include Williams, MACD, trend, RSI, CCI, and Stochastics. You can develop any strategy using one indicator or a combination of different indicators. Moreover, the software further assists traders with famous money management strategies such as Fibonacci, classic, martingale, etc.

With Binary Robot 365 you can also choose risk parameters such as trade amount, expiry, assets to trade, the number of simultaneous trades etc. As per our research, no other binary software provides such a high level of customizability with many options being available. It’s easy to think that all of this will result in a magic money-making machine but it fact it actually takes time and patience to develop a viable system! So before screaming Binary Robot 365 is a scam, you really need to check your setups for your trades and points of entry and to have good reasons for picking the time frame you’re trading on!

Key Features
  • Binary Robot 365 can generate up to 92% winning trades
  • The robot uses advanced binary options strategies for trading
  • Anyone can use this binary robot to develop their own binary trading strategy
  • The robot supports seven commonly used technical indicators for strategy development
  • The robot also supports advanced money management strategies such as martingale, classic, Fibonacci,
  • It is absolutely free of cost – no start up or recurring fees
  • Professional customer support is available round the clock
  • It can be used on mobile and tablet devices too
  • It has a user-friendly interface, very easy to understand and use.
Advantages of Using Binary Robot 365

+ Proven Trading History: Binary Robot 365 is among very few binary options robots having a proven trading history of placing more than 90% winning trades. The robot underwent extensive back testing and optimization before it made its way to the market. You are no more required to trust their words only, rather a proven track history is available showing the performance of robot in past months.

+ Full Customizability: Binary Robot 365 offers a high level of customization – traders can choose various risk parameters, develop their own trading strategies with the help of seven different technical indicators and use advanced money management strategies such as Fibonacci, classic and martingale. Users are guided the best configuration settings and the best timings to trade. Binary Robot 365 gives users a lot of control since many features of the robots are customizable for example money management strategies, expiry timings, trend indicators, etc.

+ Risk Management: The robot provides some advanced risk management parameters, for example, choosing the amount per trade, selecting assets to trade, the maximum number of simultaneous trades, etc. Binary Robot 365 allows you to place trades of small amounts such as $10 only. Novice traders can make most of this robot since they do not have to worry about losing any significant amount plus no previous experience is needed. The robot place trades automatically finding the best opportunities in the market.


+ Mechanical Failure: Outage of internet connection might trigger trades on a PC and not a server. Therefore, trade orders would not be sent to the market. Therefore, it requires a user to have a smooth Internet connectivity since it is a web-based application that can only be used via device be it your mobile, tablet or PC connected to the Internet.


Binary Robot 365 is offered for FREE! – No upfront or monthly costs are associated with this binary options robot. To use this robot all you need is to sign up on its official website, after submitting the basic sign up form you will be asked to join one of the binary options brokers recommended by Binary Robot 365 and make at least $250 deposit. You can start automated trading with the robot after your trading account and deposit is approved.

To be very honest, there is nothing in the world offered for free so does the robot, the idea behind offering the robot for free lies in an increased number of successful traders who eventually suggest more traders join brokers recommended by Binary Robot 365 and that’s how a commission is received from the partnered brokers. So long story short, Binary Robot 365 doesn’t charge its traders rather brokers are charged.

Video Results

Watch video proof of Binary Robot 365 making profits. A loyal customer explains how to use their auto-trading software.

Withdrawal of Funds – Live Withdrawal Proof

Customer Support

Binary Robot 365 provides professional email support round the clock. For any query about the software, brokers or anything else you can contact at this email [email protected] The company staff usually responds to all emails within 24 hours. To facilitate traders instantly, a Live Chat feature is also available at the company’s official website.

Conclusion – Scam or Legit?

Binary Robot 365 is the best binary options robot as compared to other robots we have reviewed on and we confirm that this is NOT A SCAM. It offers two advantages; 1) let the robot manage your trading account 2) develop your own trading strategy and manage your account yourself. It is absolutely free of cost and comes with 24/7 professional customer support. We do believe that finding the right facts you too are convinced to give it a try at least. We wish you all the best.

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