60 Seconds Trade Strategy


How It Works?

Binary Options Trading is generally known for its short expiry dates, usually within several minutes to a few hours, which offer quick trades with high returns. One particular binary options trade, however, beats even these speedy expiry times: the 60 Seconds Trading Platform. As the name suggests, this platform offers trades that automatically expire after a minute. Although one has to be extremely quick to enter these trades (since even a few seconds can make a big difference) trading 60 seconds options appeals to many traders as it offers more trading opportunities, especially when the market is generally slow. It can also lead to quick profits. As with all trading, however, you should not enter the market haphazardly, but approach your investments with a specific strategy that can stabilize your success rate in the long run.

The 60 Seconds Trade Strategy relies on placing repeated trades of the same monetary value at a high frequency that allows you to capitalize on short, yet sudden, price movements. When you log on to a 60 seconds trading platform, such as the one offered by Banc De Binary, you need to monitor the movement of the asset’s value on a minute chart. Watching the price closely will enable you to observe the price’s micro-movements, thus catching patterns that would be lost to traders watching the price move on larger time scales. As you observe the chart you should try to establish the pattern’s support and resistance points which will help you decide the best time to begin your trades. You can also consult pivot point charts which show the range of a value’s daily movements in order to clarify your position.

When the value of your asset reaches a pivot point, either a resistance or a support line, you have to be ready to start placing your trades. If the price reaches, or better yet surpasses, its daily resistance line, for example, the moment it begins to drop back down you need to place as many “put” trades as possible, until you see the price either nearing its support lever or otherwise turning in a definitive way. Although not all your trades may finish in-the-money, the majority of them will if you catch the trend on time, leaving you with an overall profit.

The fast pace of the 60 Seconds Trading Strategy, which utilizes the short expiry dates of these trade to their maximum advantage, can be highly exciting and engaging as the trader needs to focus on following the value’s micro-movements. You should never forget, however, that all trades carry certain risks with them, and that it is always better to trade with your logic, and not your emotions. The best way, to remain calm and logical during an exciting trading session is to go in armed with concrete strategies such as the one presented here that will help you finish in-the-money.


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