OptionsXO Review

OptionsXO Review
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When we explored the OptionsXO website we were thoroughly pleased with this online broker. They had a lot of quality features that were not seen on a lot of binary options brokers websites. Were they perfect? No, but then again it is hard to find a perfect binary options broker.

That is why we review them for you, so we can help you find the ones that are the closest. We feel that OptionsXO is not a bad choice to trade on at all.

One thing we really liked about OptionsXO is it seemed that that had a good company focus on what goals and visions they wanted for their website. They also seemed sincere in bringing their traders a true all around binary options trading experience.

This broker based in Herefordshire, England has been online since 2012 and continues to experience a lot of trader growth in the industry, which is always a good sign when it comes to picking a binary options broker to trade with. Here is our in depth review about them.

Key features

The highlight of the OptionsXO site is definitely their easy to use and helpful trading platform; it is simply put, better than most of the others we have seen out there. OptionsXO also provides a lot more leveraging opportunities than can be found on a lot of binary options brokers; it’s just another great way to minimize risk.


One thing that we found was a little different about OptionsXO is there bonus system. It is not automatic as you would expect upon sign up. They do have a sign up bonus on request and they will let you withdraw that bonus once you have invested twenty to thirty times the value of your requested bonus and deposit combined. They also have a generous referral bonus if you help bring new members to their website; it’s hard to complain about getting a little free money to invest from time to time.

Maximum Profit (payout)

When reviewing the site we really liked OptionsXO’s return on investment. It was as high as 89% in some cases. That is about as good as you will find on any binary options trading website. They also have an extremely low minimum investment of only $10; that is great if you want to take a chance on a big payout without risking a lot of money.

Once again it is another feature of OptionsXO’s website that is among the lowest of all the binary option trading websites we compared. Are you one of those investors that like to place some big trades? Well that is possible too with OptionsXO’s $10,000 maximum investment.

Types of accounts

OptionsXO has several different account levels that can be assigned to a trader. These are based on the amount of a new account holder’s initial deposit.

The OptionsXO Mini

The first level of account is the OptionsXO Mini account. This account requires very little to set up besides the minimum deposit fee of $200. If offers just a minimum level of access to the trading platform itself.

The OptionsXO Silver account

The second level of account is the OptionsXO Silver account. This package is obtainable by depositing at least $2000. When we looked at it for review, we saw that it had several perks the OptionsXO Mini account did not have. The traders will be able to get payouts that were approximately 2% higher than those with the OptionsXO Mini account.

They were also able to access more tools in the learning center, were able to get 24/7 support and had access to expert personal trading support. We found this to be a very nice level account to use.

The OptionsXO Gold account

Next up is the OptionsXO Gold account. Access to this level account requires a minimum deposit of $5000. It features upgraded returns on payouts of 3%. It also expands upon the other features that were mentioned that came as part of the OptionsXO Silver account level.

The OptionsXO Platinum account

For the ultimate trading experience an investor would have to make a minimum deposit that takes them to the OptionsXO Platinum account level. This is a great level for the ultra-serious investor. Included in the package are trade payouts that are 4% higher than the basic account level. It also included all the features of the previous account levels. We really enjoyed this level of account when we took it for a test drive.

One of the unique features we found when using OptionsXO was the temporary bonuses that were offered from time to time. The higher the account level the more bonuses it seemed were offered. It’s great when a trader can get some free investment money from time to time; just be aware that just like with the initial deposit, there are stipulations that come with every bonus. Sometimes they require as much as a 20 – 30 times investment rollover in order to be able to withdraw the money.



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